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Brain Arcade


Classic + Unique Brain Games


Whether you're stuck waiting in line, or need a break from social media, Brain Arcade's engaging brain games can provide a fun distraction for a few minutes, or a few hours.

Brain Arcade's self-paced games are as beautiful to look at, as they are fun to play. And Brain Arcade's dynamically changing backgrounds, and smiley-based affirmations will brighten your mood while they challenge your mind. Start playing Brain Arcade today! Download Brain Arcade.

Brain Arcade Games



• 2048 - Earn the 2048 tile before the grid fills up

• 21 - A card game where it's 21 or bust

• Brink - Arrange shapes so they fill a rectangle

• Code Breaker - Choose colored pegs to solve a code

• Fifteen - Slide 15 numbered tiles into order

• Flash - Simon Says with flashing lights

• Lights Out - Click to turn off all the lights

• Mines - Uncover tiles without detonating mines

• Peg - Peg Solitaire with the French board

• Recall - Match pairs of hidden letters

• Scramble - Swap letter tiles to unscramble words

• Slide - Slide tiles until they match the pattern

• Splat - Match 3 or more fruits as many times as you can

• Solitaire - Remove playing cards from the tableau

• Sudoku - Fill each 3 x 3 box with the numbers 1-9

• Tetravex - Slide tiles until all adjacent edges match

• Treys - Find 3 cards that are all the same or all different

• Yacht - Roll 5 dice to make 12 different combinations